There are many people on the internet trying to impersonate me and use my name and to my temple and my promotional materials
to deceive people, the Temple of Reidovudu has no representative in Brazil and abroad can answer for me, Reidovudu contacts with the temple are made directly with the Reidovudu and not disciples, note the name and account number of their banks that the temple has in them have to bear the name of and qualsquer clarification while in contact please.
The Temple of Reidovudu not responsible for damage caused by fake witches.

Master the art of Upper Black magic responsibility for the Afro-Brazilian cults Conesul voodoo, African voodoo expert and recognized throughout Brazil and other continents in their worship practices of external and internal solving all kinds of problems.

For special people and decided to achieve their goals, whatever, work Moor, GLS, black magic rites are in a magic force between good and evil when the power of black magic, the Voodoo Sorcery Candomblé the quinbanda All Together walk concepts. is this innovation that gives you the power of choice over your destiny or someone else, between light and darkness.


If you suffer with any kind of problem, no matter what, Reidovudu know how to solve, it is the only one that makes parents with voodoo Reidovudu your problem is already solved.

Customer discreet and personalized. guaranteed jobs / absolute secrecy

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Who ever thought of doing a job to resolve several issues of your life, sometimes by necessity and sometimes out of vanity.
Now comes the tricky part, Brazil has many terraces scattered in different corners of it all but 90% are in terraces without any foundation, without the true commitment of Candomblé ritual, Black Magic, and Umbanda and Kimbanda (voodoo).
In these religions mentioned above rituals are serious and dangerous when not done correctly brings more hindrance for those who sought the job, a great example of this are the people who seek help and in addition to aggravating the situation are still problems settle for anything after work poorly done. Choose one of the holy father to help you not gamble and have to be taken seriously, a father of a saint without foundation will bring her life only problems and damages (financial and spiritual).
So in our temple took your problem seriously and treat it as a delicate surgery that has to take great care that nothing goes wrong because it can cause irreversible damage,
In addition we maintain the absolute secrecy of the total all about his life and requests made to our heads Reidovudu head.
Welcome hope that their experience with our service will bring great and eternal fruit.



I have an army of demons and head of head that will solve all their problems I'm old, I'm single Reidovudu in Brazil that is voodoo, my.

Warning: Before you add on MSN, I ask you to send an e-mail describing your problem. Only contact if you really need help. This website is a work of serious people willing to provide assistance to those who need it.

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"It's Better to be envied than pitied"
(Herodotus, Greek historian).


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