The 6 gifts of darkness



If the Bible is what the 9 spiritual gifts that come from God,

as described in I Corinthians 12, 7-10,

also the scriptures reveals the 6 gifts of darkness, with witches and witches are owners.


Here it's 6 gifts, to know:



The gift of the merger through which they gain wisdom through dialogue with demons and spirits,

as described in Acts of the Apostles 18,16-17



The gift of science of the occult, (Wisdom 17.7),

through which practice acts that pleases the demons, thus creating magic.



The gift of carnality, because that is the origin of all the witchcraft, as described in James, (3.15) and the II Book of Kings, (9.22, 17.7).

According to this gift, as described in the Book of Wisdom, is celebrated for it,

(and with the wisdom that comes from the science of the occult),

rites of black magic and Voodoo, (14.23) invocatory of infernal spirits



The gift of being son of witchcraft (Isaiah 57,3-5), and the fruit of your lust, (Tassalonicensses 5.5), namely:

1 - or receive a hereditary legacy of darkness that runs in the blood of witches and witches;

2 - or seal a pact of serventia to hell by the very own flesh and blood, through which the membership is demonic and the gifts of darkness.

Being son of darkness, is to be guided by the spirits (Romans 8.14)



The power to heal or cause disease, illness and other goods and evils,

as well as to alleviate or to weigh the burden of life that depends on people,

changing them to destination, (Ezekiel 13,17-23)



The gift of prophecy (Isaiah 47.13), which is namely the future,

revealing is what will happen in the natural order of events,

is what will happen through the interference of spirits in the lives of people


§ § § §


6 These are the gifts of darkness, that led to practice black magic is magic of the Voodoo ritual.


There are 5 bass tab practices condemned by the scriptures,

(And therefore considered of Black Magic, Voodoo by Jewish doctrine - Crista)

as described in the Book of Deuteronomy, (18, 40-12)

and the prophetic Book of Isaiah, (44.25 - 47.12),

and they are:



The 5 magic practices:









Magic, by means of witchcraft and spells



Consulting the spirits



Invocation of the dead

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