Union of paths in Love, by White Magic



The union of paths in love, is a process similar to that of 'mooring'

however it is a mystical work done through white magic.


While the mooring produces the effects described in this site, (see 'moorings), the union of paths

is a different spiritual reality as using white magic.


The union of paths is done in a white church, and it is invoked by powerful spirits of light.


They are asked to join the ways of life of two persons,

the same way you can join the course of two ships that were lost before the other one,

in the middle of the sea, through storms.


The spirits will calm the sea, will come the sun and weather,

will the two ships to meet in peace

and will make them choose courses together in search of the same fate.


This is also the people:

sometimes they are lost in the midst of conflict, interference of others, envy, evil - understood,

disagreements, misdeeds of black magic, jealousy, confusion or indecision, fear or anxiety,

complications of everyday life or simply a tide of bad luck that confused the minds and hearts of anyone.


Any of these things can divert the course of life of one person over another.


And in this case, the celestial spirits may operate, dissipating the confusion

  and creating harmony, peace, certainty and strength in the heart of what is rejected.


And in doing so, the spirits are only rebalanced the life of that person,

returning it to its original path, creating happiness in the hearts of those you love but that was lost.


The union of paths is done with respect for people,

using methods not punitive or forcing anyone to stay with anyone for strength.


Question is:

But to achieve a union of paths, this is not interfering with the free will of anyone?



Only in the same way that when we ask God to enlighten the path and the life of someone.

Will this interfere with free will, or just want someone to be a blessing of love and light?

Clearly, a good practice that is not an interference in the life of anyone.


So said the greatest Master of all:


I give you a new commandment: love you to each other


Jn 13.34


Also, it was also revealed in the scriptures:


Seek the love


1 Co 14.1


Well as you can then fill the heart of someone with love,

be a sin to be against anyone?


The union of love through magic white,

is a spiritual process that works just opening the doors to love those who love and are lost,

so that hearts are united in peace and free will of the heavenly beings,

and to the miracle of love is fruitful in the soul of both.


So does the union of paths,

performed using white magic,

calling by the light, the greater force that exists in the universe: