We at the Temple of Reidovudu want to make it clear that we are not responsible, for individuals who pass by us to pluck money from third parties, we want to make it clear that we only use corporate email Email [email protected] and our Phone and past for people who are looking for help with some work they did with us, so don't be fooled by Falsists We don't use Emails (yahoo, hotmail, ig, Gmail and others) we only use corporate email and if we ever use Others it will be shown on the Blog or on this Site.
I also want to make it clear that we are not speculators and marketers, we have a name to watch over and we are ruled by a demon who is the right arm of our master Lucifer, we also want to make it clear that we have never failed in our jobs, we have 20 years dedicated and never failed.
We want to ask that you who need help Don't be fooled By False Wizards and False Priests, Lucifer so Acts in Temple of Luciferianism and Quimbanda, Magic only works when it is done by someone who dominates it, so believe in our Reidovudu because he for power of Magic Makes it Right Turn Wrong and Wrong Turn Right.

Master in the art of Black High Magic Delegate of African cults of conesul voodoo, African voodoo knowledgeable and recognized throughout the Brazilian territory and other continents in his practices of external and internal cults solving the most diverse types of problems.

For Special People and determined to achieve their Goals, whatever they may be, Mooring, GLS, black magic works, the rites are in a magic force between good and evil When the power of black magic, Voodoo A Sorcery Candomblé a Quinbanda go together All concepts. it is this innovation that gives you the power to choose the destiny of yours or of others; between light and darkness.


If you suffer from any kind of problem, no matter what, Reidovudu will know how to solve it, he is the only one in the country who makes voodoo with Reidovudu his problem is already solved.

Discreet and personalized service. guaranteed jobs / absolute secrecy

0xx (34) 99150-2401
0xx (34) 3662-3812
[email protected]

Who has never thought of doing a job to solve various issues in their life, sometimes out of necessity and other times out of vanity.
Now comes the X of the matter, Brazil has many terreiros scattered in different corners but of this all 90% are terreiros without any foundation, without commitment to the true ritual of Candomblé, Black Magic, Umbanda and Kimbanda and voodoo.
In these religions cited above there are serious and dangerous rituals that when they are not done correctly brings more trouble to those who asked for the job, a great example of this are the people who seek help and besides making the situation worse they still get more problems all after work badly done. Choosing a saintly father to help you is not a game of chance and has to be taken seriously, an unfounded saintly father will bring only problems and damages (financial and spiritual) to your life.
So in our temple we take your problem seriously and treat it as a delicate surgery that has to be taken care of so that nothing goes wrong because it can cause irreversible damage,
In addition, we maintain total and absolute secrecy of everything about your life and requests made to our Head Reidovudu Chiefs.
Welcome, we hope that your experiences with our service will bring you great and eternal fruits.
I have a phalanx of demons and the head of the head that will solve all your problems I am, The Reidovudu I am the only one in Brazil that makes voodoo, my name Luiz Carlos Pereira.

Attention: Before adding to Skype, I ask you to send an email reporting your problem. Only contact us if you really need help. This website is a work done by serious people willing to help those who really need it.


Reidovudu headquarters
City: Araxá
State: MG
Country Brazil
City: Araxá
State: MG
Country Brazil
Zip code 38181-679
Address street. dos Beija-Flôres, Araxá - MG
Neighborhood João Bosco Teixeira.N: 25CO
Via email
Email: [email protected]
Billing: [email protected]
Administrative procedures: [email protected]
Questions: [email protected]
Web site:
Via phone
Telephone 0xx (34) 99150-2401 CASE OF EMERGENCY
Temple Fixed Telephone 0xx (34) 3662-3812

Reidovudu headquarters



Araxá MG all my work, Discreet and personalized service. guaranteed jobs / absolute secrecy ..


"It is better to be envied than sorry"
(Heròdoto-Greek Historian).


0xx (34) 99150-2401
0xx (34) 3662-3812
Email: [email protected]

Araxá -MG


No more blows.
Enough of the blow please my children !!! le

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